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Milford Music
206 West Highland Rd.
Highland, MI 48357


Monday - Thursday
12 PM - 9 PM

12 PM - 7 PM

9 AM - 2 PM
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Milford Music Loog Guitars

It's easy! Playing music on a traditional guitar can be a daunting experience for beginners. Loog Guitars solve this: Because the they only have three strings and a narrow neck, it's super easy for kids to form chords and play songs, even on day one.

Yes, you can apply this to a 6-string! Loog Guitars use the first three strings of a guitar: same strings, same tuning. This is why finger placement and everything you learn on a Loog can be applied to a 6-string guitar too.

Award winning design! The Loog is considered one of the best guitars for children with its award winning design suited for small hands.

Build. Bond. Play. Learn. Loog Guitars come unassembled. Why? Because when you build your own guitar, you develop a feeling of ownership and accomplishment that stimulates you to play more. It's also a great bonding experience for kids and parents, who can build their Loog together and share their love of music. (Assembly time: 15 minutes)

Welcome New Teachers
To Milford Music
Milford Music would like to welcome our new instructors who have joined our talented team of teachers. Each one has a very
 impressive bio and extensive experience in teaching and 
performing. You can read about them on our Milford Music

They are all currently accepting new students. Give us call 
if you would like to schedule a class with one of these 
amazing teachers!
Milford Music has been providing professional music lessons and product support to the Huron Valley Area since 1988.
Milford Music offers more than just lessons and products.
  • We provide a solid base for future college students planning to major or minor in music.

  • For professional musicians, our lessons inspire improvement and refinement.

  • Always had a dream to learn an instrument? We can make that dream come true. We would love to teach you! You can learn at any age.

  • We provide opportunities to showcase your musical accomplishments at any level.

  • We love to share our love for music with you! 

Milford Music has been providing professional 
music lessons and product support to the 
Huron Valley Area since 1988. Our skilled staff of teachers will give you the best in technique, materials, and performance opportunities.

Our lesson programs are available to both children and adults of all ages, from the most basic beginner to advanced skill levels. 

Milford Music instructors are professionally trained and experienced. We have instructors for a wide variety of lessons including but not limited to:

•Guitar: Acoustic & Electric  •Piano  •Voice   

•Violin / Fiddle   •Drums  •Banjo  •Flute   •Saxophone 

•Penny Whistle  •Bass Guitar & Ukulele

The retail service and repair department will fulfill your needs as you begin your musical journey or pick up on a dream from the past. 

We are conveniently located at:

206 W. Highland Rd.

Highland, MI 48357


Located just west of Milford Rd.

on the north side 

of M59 (Highland Road). 

Get Directions To:
206 Highland Rd
Highland MI 48357

If you are interested in participating in any of these programs, be sure to let your instructor know as soon as possible.
 Check our Calendar page  for  more  information.

 Pre-Festival Performance
 Sunday, February 12th
 5 PM

 Saturday, February 18th
 1 PM, 2 PM, & 3 PM
 Sunday February 26
 Michigan Music Festival
 9 PM - 5 PM
 Milford Music
 Friday, March 31
 Celino Romeo Workshop
 6 PM - 8 PM
 Where: TBD
 Saturday, April 1
 Teacher Feature & HVCA
 Fundraiser Concert
 7 PM - 9 PM
 Huron Valley Council 
 for the Arts
 Sunday, May 7
 Student Recital
 3 PM & 5:30 PM
 West Highland Baptist
Milford Music is not part of the school system closing schedules. We usually do not close due to weather. You can aways check here, Facebook, or call if you are not sure.

Student Piano Performance

Caleb Wayman, student of Bonnie Twiss, performing  Rachmaninoff at Bowling Green music camp. 

Monday, May 23rd, Jonathon Taylor, Dylan Walsh, and Travis Aukerman provided the finale to the Percussion Recital, where 15 student drummers gave a really great performance!
Check out videos from 2016 Live and Plugged performances!
2016 VIDEOS!
Live and Plugged Milford Music

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page for more info.